Catalogue: Carrots


Organic Yellowstone Carrots Origin:  Yellow carrots were first recorded in Turkey around the end of the 1st Century. This hybrid returns us to the cultural heritage of this variety.

Description:  Tapered, pale yellow imperator-type roots up to 23cm (9") long.

Culinary Characteristics:  Pure yellow throughout with crisp, tender texture and sweet flavour this novel hybrid has wonderful flavour either raw or cooked, and makes a great soup carrot.

The major pigment found in yellow carrots is xanthophyll which helps develop healthy eyes. Studies have shown that intake of xanthophyll-rich foods are associated with a significant reduction in the risk for cataract (up to 20%) and for age related macular degeneration {up to 40%)(Moeller, Jacques & Blumberg 2000)

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