Catalogue: Potatoes

Russian Blue (Congo, Blue Marker, McIntosh Black...)

Organic Russian Blue Potatoes from Poplar Bluff Organics Origin:  Reportedly a Russian heritage potato, originally from South America. Known under many different names.

Description:  Large-medium size, oblong tubers with a deep blue to deep purple skin and netted texture.  Brilliant purple, moist, firm flesh, streaked with white and its defining characteristic, a white ring beneath the skin.

Culinary Characteristics:  Described as tasting bold, rich, earthy to nutty; tastes like a 'real' potato but with 'more' potato flavour.  Its dry texture produces good baked potatoes - the distinctive colour will hold when baked and when fried makes a great garnish.  Roasting or grilling the halves will actually darken the colour.  The flesh colour will bleed if boiled without the skin.

Note this variety is very high in antioxidants, especially the skin.

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