Catalogue: Beets

Chioggia (Candystripe, Bull's Eye)

Organic Chioggia BeetsOrigin:  A pre-1840 Italian heirloom variety of garden beet from the coastal region of the Adriatic near the town of Chioggia in Italy (near Venice).

Description:  Slightly flattened globe-shaped roots with a red-orange or pink to light red skin, it is distinguished from other varieties by the alternating concentric rings of scarlet red and white inside.  There is considerable variation in the amount of colouration, with some individuals being nearly completely red, others almost white, and every combination between those two extremes.

Culinary Characteristics:   Milder flavor than red beets, so they don't overpower dishes in which they are used.  Sweet and tender.  The coloured rings will blend if boiled so best served raw or lightly roasted if the distinctive colouring is to be preserved.

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